Digital Strategy: Superbugs

Project: Digital Content Strategy for Superbugs
Role: Content Strategist, Content Creator, Designer

Around the world, in every country, in every hospital, in every community, Superbugs are infecting people and leaving them with life-threatening illnesses that few medicines can cure. Each year, millions of people get antibiotic-resistant infections. Many of thousands of them die. At Cubist, we wanted to create a platform that would elevate thought leadership, best stewardship practices, discuss public policy and global response around antibiotic resistance.

Beginning at the media & social media monitoring level to determine what information was needed, I helped create a portal that features Cubist-created articles, corresponding fact sheets, statistics and video and promoted this original content on Twitter (#superbugs/#SaveABX), our company LinkedIn page, as well as a LinkedIn Spotlight page.

Example: The Rise of Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria in the U.S. [PDF Fact Sheet]

Example: COO Rob Perez on Why It’s Important to “Get Smart” About Antibiotics

Note: Effective January 22, 2015, Cubist Pharmaceuticals is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. and Cubist’s Superbugs section retired.

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