Video Storytelling at Harvard Business School

Project: Video Storytelling at Harvard Business School
Role: Content Strategist, Video Producer

Through continued analysis of social media and student focus groups, I quickly learned that prospective students wanted to hear from HBS students what the HBS experience is like.

Prior to the the arrival of the Class of 2014, we asked second year students how the incoming first years should prepare. Several weeks later when the students arrived, during their first week of classes, we hit the pavement to find students immediately following their first class to hear who they are, how they got to HBS and what the first class at HBS is really like. To encourage real and authentic answers, all of these videos were unscripted and the participants were not given the questions ahead of time.

The videos were so popular with prospective students through social media and used in the MBA Admissions office that we produced similar videos the following year with the new incoming class.

These videos were posted to YouTube, distributed through our Twitter and Facebook channels as well as posted in multiple locations across our web properties.

Example: First week at HBS: What you need to know

Example: Class of 2014 First Impressions

Example: Class of 2014 How did you get here?

Example: Class of 2014 Where are you from?

This is just a sampling of videos from this ongoing project. The full suite can be found on HBS’s YouTube channel.

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