Social Media Policies: For Employee Personal & Professional Use

Project: Social Media Policy Creation for both Employee Personal Use and Professional Use
Role: Project Lead, Writer

When I started at Shire, no formal policy for Professional Use of Social Media existed and the policy for Employee Personal Use was extremely limiting (it essentially encouraged employees not to mention the company at all). I assembled a cross-functional Working Group (including both US and International partners) and began with rewriting the Employee Personal Use policy to be more in alignment with today’s employee social media participation and interests which include posting, liking, sharing of Company news, events, open positions, activities, etc.

Additionally, I utilized the same Working Group to collaborate with on the policy for Professional Use of Social Media. This set of guidelines is more comprehensive, takes into account US and International regulatory restrictions and covers who can and the appropriate way to set up social platforms, roles and responsibilities, what constitutes compliant content, appropriate approval and moderation workflow, etc.

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