20 Things About Me

Here’s a list that I’ve compiled of 20 completely random things you never knew about Jenny Frazier. Or maybe you did. And in that case, sorry for the repetition.

1.) My real name is just Jenny. And yes, I’m sure it’s definitely not Jennifer. Yes, even on my license. Yes, even on my birth certificate. Sidenote: According to my mother, my father wanted to name me “Jen” and my sister (Kaitlin) “Kate”. Mom vetoed this, but for whatever it’s worth – he rarely calls us “Jenny” or “Kaitlin”.

2.) I love black licorice. Always have. As a child I used to be the freak who would pick all the black jelly beans out of the mix. Surprisingly, no one complained.

3.) I started drinking (sneaking) coffee when I was 4. No I’m not kidding.

4.) Despite the fact that I was told I was the “most qualified candidate” for a job, I was also told I did not get it because of my relationship with Britney Spears.

5.) I was born with an extra bone in my foot. It’s called an “accessory navicular” and is only present in 2-20% of the general population. Including ME.

6.) I have a bizarre obsession with people’s “I almost met [insert famous person]” stories. I think they’re more entertaining than “I met [insert famous person]” stories.

7.) My name appears in the Congressional Record of the 112th Congress.

8.) I always put my clothes on left limb first.

9.) I caught the travel bug hard about a decade ago and love wandering around new cities. (Pro-tip: on your first day in a new city, always make a stop in a locals only bar. You’ll get the best recommendations and see things no travel guide will tell you.)

10.) When I can’t travel far and wide, one of my favorite weekend activities is playing tourist in my own city.

11.) I played clarinet for 13 years. In 4th grade I made it to 2nd seat in band. In high school, I won two silvers and a gold at national competitions. No, I did not go to band camp.

12.) My favorite book in the world is East of Eden.

13.) I once outran the police in Russia by jumping into a moving vehicle full of strangers. This is 100% true.

14.) I have deep love of puns and dad jokes. (What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?)

15.) I am OBSESSED with typefaces. OBSESSED. I have had several hour long conversations about FONTS. (For those of you that care or get it, yes I do in fact love Helvetica.)

16.) I enjoy going out to dinner alone and have met some of my very best friends doing just that.

17.) I will try any food once. This year alone I have been to restaurants specifically to try their dishes made from: brains, heart, pig ear, liver, pancreas, tongue and lard. The only food I will not try again: sea urchin. I’ve tried it 3 times, each time prepared in 3 different ways. I have despised it each time. (Update: I tried it again in 2017. AND LIKED IT.)

18.) I once got on a plane, flew across the country to stay with someone I had never met in my life. That was in 2008. I’ve done this several times since, met lots of incredible people proving once again why the internet is awesome.

19.) I took up cycling a few years ago and have since biked thousands of miles. I once finished 8th in Harbor to the Bay (I biked from the Sagamore Bridge to Provincetown in 4 hours exactly.)

20.) In early 2010, I swam in one of the world’s few bioluminescent bays. It was absolutely amazing and something I will never forget – which is good because the pictures came out horrible.